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Lit Tuesday: Life or Something

I originally planned to write a review about Rebel Springs by Morgan Rhodes, but I didn’t get around to reading it. I will, eventually. A good friend of mine is coming into town this weekend to go to a concert with us, so I’m mostly focusing on that and trying to still write. But getting […]

Thirsty Thursday: Spring Beers

Spring is upon us here in Charleston (or, at least, it has been trying to come back, but we seem to be having more cold snaps than we’ve had in the last couple of years). With this season, I start to shift away from my winter beers of stouts, porters, and spiced beers. Now is […]

Lit Tuesday: Libraries

In case you didn’t know, it’s National Library Week! Go visit your local library and see what they have going on. I still need to go activate my library card for my county (since I moved counties back in August when we bought the house). I have the card! I just have to activate it […]

Thirsty Thursday: Revisiting Breweries in Charleston

With so many breweries in the Charleston area, there are a handful that we will go to consistently because they’re in areas of town that we frequent. Specifically, SNAFU, Ghost Monkey, Two Blokes, and Frothy Beard are probably the four we visit the most (and now Munkle with the CSG pick up on Thursdays). With […]

Lit Tuesday: Fairest Review

A while back, I reviewed the Lunar Chronicles. Fairest is considered as book 3.5 in the series, meant to be read between Cress and Winter (because it came out in that order, I think). It is the story of Levana, who is the wicked stepmother to Winter (a.k.a. Snow White) and the aunt to Cinder […]

Thirsty Thursday: Munkle Brewing

This is a short post today. It’s so nice outside that I’m going to enjoy it. I’m especially going to enjoy it at Munkle Brewing in downtown (a more thorough review to come). Miles and I joined a community supported grocery (much like a community supported agriculture group) and they do pickups for your week […]

Lit Tuesday: Writing (non-)Progress

Lit Tuesday: Writing (non-)Progress

Okay. I’ll admit it. I’ve been so focused on writing stuff for the blog and coming up with ideas for it and thinking about what I want to work on with our house and social outings that I’ve let my writing fall by the wayside. Yet again. Travesty! I’m determined to get my butt in […]

Thirsty Thursday: Irish Beers

I hope we all made it through St. Patrick’s Day unscathed and with great memories and good times. Miles and I had a pretty calm day (though it was wet because it rained unexpectedly and that wasn’t fun considering it was cold rain and I was in shorts and a tank top), but I still […]

Lit Tuesday: Irish Mythology Influences

Last week, I touched on Irish mythology and places to research it and all that good stuff. Today, I have three recommendations that have heavy Irish/Celtic mythology influences in their plots and worldbuilding or is essentially historical fiction. I even found a list of books to add to my ever-growing reading list. First, let’s start […]

Lit Tuesday: Irish Mythology

I thought about doing a bunch of research for this topic, but now that I no longer have a university library of peer-reviewed articles at my fingertips, I wasn’t really sure where to start looking. And honestly, half the fun in research is seeing what you find yourself! When I was in my last semester […]

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