I Love to Write Day 2018

Today is I Love to Write Day! I’m celebrating it right now by writing up this blog post. It’s not the type of writing I had in mind when I first heard of this holiday, but it works. Writing isn’t just writing books, after all. It might be blogging, articles, screenplays, poetry, or even writing letters or working on a journal.

Speaking of journals, I’ve been working on one for the breweries I visit. I’m trying to collect as many stickers as I can so I can put them in a journal. On the page with the sticker, I’m putting my first Untappd check-in, my first brewery visit, the location/address of the brewery and then writing up thoughts on the beer and the brewery itself. When I’ve completed my first one, I’m going to put it on the bar for people to flip through when they visit.

I know a lot of people will take the stickers and put them on a canvas or a bartop. I love that idea. I’d like to actually learn how to remove labels from bottles so I can put the labels on a canvas. That would be pretty awesome instead of moving five million bottles (exaggeration, don’t worry) every time we move. Anyways, I love the idea of the canvas or bartop for stickers, but doing a journal just seemed more true to who I am. And it saves me more room when we’re moving.

Right now, I have 57 stickers in my first journal. I’m not going to visit all of the breweries in there, more than likely. (I’ve gotten some stickers from tastings and whatnot at festivals in town and decided to stick them in the journal as a “I’m going to visit this brewery, daggummit!” motivation.) I still have some space open for my SC breweries (despite having been to basically all the breweries in town, I need to get stickers for half of them), but all of my space for NC and other states has been filled up. Whoops.

What do you think? Are beer journals gonna pick up? I think they should. (Obviously, I’m biased.)