Lit Tuesdays: Current State of Affairs

I’m keeping it short and sweet today! For some reason, it’s like getting this new Fitbit is helping me stay on track and motivated or something.

I mentioned last week that I was starting a Harry Potter reread. I finished up Sorcerer’s Stone last night and will probably start reading Chamber of Secrets tonight as I walk around the house to hit my 10k step goal. I have to bribe myself a lot to make sure I hit my numbers and audiobooks or actual books have been the best things for that so far. I still have other books I’m reading that I need to get caught up on in addition to my book club reading Siddhartha, so I’m staying busy on that front.

I have also finally given in to writing alternate universe (AU) prompts for a show I got into earlier this year. There’s a different prompt for each day of the month. I’m behind (since I started late) but I have managed to do three prompts in three days, so that’s a great start. I still have my other projects to work on, but I’m hoping that doing these prompts will help me return to working on those. (Though I do need to keep playing Tales of Symphonia so I can recover some more inspiration and world building for my story.)

The list of prompts I’m working on from the au-yeah-august blog on Tumblr. Thank them for this madness. The header image was snagged from