Missed Posts

There are a lot of things I’m working to improve on–my writing, my career, my knowledge of useless trivia, my awareness of this world. Sometimes, though, I get so caught up in trying to plan for how to improve that I don’t actually follow through. I had a friend tell me one time that, as an INFP according to the Myers-Briggs personality type indicator, that’s because I derive a sense of pleasure from envisioning how I’m going to accomplish things. That doesn’t give me any reason to follow through by actually doing what I envisioned. This statement has stuck with me because, since then, I have noticed that is what I tend to do. I plan and envision and then put off the actual doing forever. (This is part of why I keep trying to work to get in the habit of doing things versus using sheer motivation.)

All this to say that one of the things I’ve been trying to do better at is this thing called bullet journaling. I’m one of those people that remembers things best if I write it down/type it up (huh, that could be a fun rabbit hole to explore) and when I was looking for a planner that covered everything I wanted, I just couldn’t find it. Instead, I found this bullet journaling thing and decided to try it. It has… more or less worked out for me. I don’t do any super fancy drawings (though maybe I will eventually as I used to draw a lot), but having the space to write down what my month ahead is going to look like along with carrying things over between my day-to-day helps a lot.

One thing thing I’ve done with my monthly layout has been to write down all the days I plan to write a post and then try to plan what the topic is. I’m also including fun holidays that I intend to post about on Instagram. I’m not doing such a great job with this on the weekends, sadly. I’ve missed a few posts since I was supposed to post last Thursday (and didn’t due to not good work-life balance).

  • Wednesday, Nov. 7 was World Gin Day (even though the official website said it was in June…. Maybe they have it twice a year?)
  • Thursday, Nov. 8 was Harvey Wallbanger Day. This is a classic cocktail I’ve never had.
  • Saturday, Nov. 10 was Neil Gaiman’s birthday. Happy belated birthday to him! Once I’ve finished The Handmaid’s Tale, I’ll read the copy of Norse Mythology I picked up while in South Dakota.
  • Sunday, Nov. 11 was, of course, Veterans Day in the U.S. Thank you to all of our Veterans who served.
  • Monday, Nov. 12 was National Happy Hour Day. I definitely missed out on that, but considering how social Miles and I were this weekend, yesterday was a day to stay at the house and talk to no one. It was great.

I didn’t have a topic written down for today (or most of the actual Lit Tuesday and Thirsty Thursday posts), but admitting I’ve missed a lot of posts works. Here’s to all of us out there struggling to improve and build those habits that we need.