Thirsty Friday: International Beer Day 2018

Today is International Beer Day! This glorious day is celebrated on the first Friday in August internationally. Go visit the site to see the purpose of the day, but really, the thing to know is that you’re celebrating beer with people across the world on this day.

I have a strong love of craft beer (a lot about craft beer is what I aspire to do in my life–keep it local, a strong sense of community, and flavorful things that will keep you coming back), but I have to admit I haven’t had too much in the way of international beers yet. Beers based out of England are leading the pack (with 14 check-ins) followed by Germany (10) and Mexico (9).

One thing I should do is look more at international beers when I go to taphouses, but the best thing, really, would be to go to the countries of origin. (Yup, just what I needed–an excuse to go overseas).

Either way, I’m wandering from my original topic. I don’t have anything planned for International Beer Day since my in-laws will be visiting us and we don’t typically set an itinerary when we all visit each other. I’ll be celebrating in my heart (and via the D9 shirt I bought while I was in Charlotte the other weekend).

Happy International Beer Day,  y’all!